Mary Ann Missick - Worship Leader

Pastor’s Wife, Mother/Grandmother, Teacher, Servant of the Most High GOD, Yahweh/Yeshua.

Mary Anne came to know Yeshua when she was 12 years old. She, along with her Dad and Mom and sister, was attending Revival Services in the small town of Williamsburg, Kentucky. And what a Revival that was! When it was over, 100+ people had come to know Yeshua and they were all baptized in the river! Mary Anne was forever changed. Both of her Grandfathers were Baptist Preachers, and two of her brothers became spirit-filled men of God who were destined to do a mighty work for the LORD. This October will mark the 64th year that Mary Anne has walked the walk of faith.

Former Banker/Bank Consultant—she asked the LORD to allow her to leave the secular world in order to spend the remainder of her life serving her Master, Yeshua Messiah. Yahweh granted her desires and she now serves her King Yeshua by serving along side of her Pastor/Husband—Phillip Missick.

She is the Praise and Worship Leader of the Congregation, leads the Ladies Bible Study and Outreach Program, participates weekly in the Prison Ministry, and assists as technician/recorder for the “Trump of Zion” Radio Program which airs weekly over KKHT 100.7 FM. Asked what is her greatest joy, she replies: “Serving the LORD with all that He has equipped me to be. My desire is to see all of my Children and Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren enter into the same joy and peace I have found in Him.” What is her greatest desire? “To be able to spend more time in the WORD, in and teaching others to know His Word and apply it to their lives.”

Mary Ann Missick