Located in Cleveland, Texas, we are a small fellowship of Believers with a very big heart and equally large outreach. Messianic in our beliefs, we keep a Saturday Sabbath and celebrate all the Biblical Festivals. Our weekly Radio progam and YouTube Videos carry the message of Messiah to the world and our Messianic Prison Ministry takes the hope of Yeshua to those behind bars.


Join us next Sabbath to worship the KING of all kings!

Our Weekly Schedule



Bible Study begins at 10am,

followed by Worship and Exhortation Service at 11:15 am.


Sabbath Evening Service

begins at 6 pm


First Sabbath of every month we enjoy fellowship after service with a Pot-luck lunchen in the Fellowship Hall. Bring your favorite dish to share.


Wednesday Evening

Prayer and Praise Service

begins at 7 pm


Sukkot Services

October 12th thru 15th

Sorrow at the Passing of Pastor Phillip Missick

and Mary Ann Missick 

They both died from complications from the Cronos virus. Below is a message from Dr.  Stephen Missick.

(186) Passing away of Phillip and Mary Anne Missick - YouTube



Accepting the Messiah

God's plan of Salvation. What you must do to be saved.

Following the Messiah

If you are a new believer and desire to follow the Messiah, what are the first steps?

Come and see a reconstruction of the Ark of the Covenant

Based on the Biblical Description and Archaeological evidence

One display 

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Dr Stephen Andrew Missick discusses

the Lost Ark of the Covenant and shows

the King of Saint's Ark of the Covenant replica