Radio Ministry - Trump of Zion - KKHT 100.7 FM - Sundays @ 4:30 pm

Turmp of Zion Radio has been broadcasting over the air in the Greater Houston area since March 2009. In March 2014 we will begin our 5th year of broadcasting the Gospel of Messiah Yeshua over this great city and all the surrounding areas! From Houston to Livingston, to Beaumount, to Kingwood, to Tom Ball, the Gospel has gone forth.

Turmp of Zion is delivered weekly, touching the lives of Jews and Gentiles alike, with solid Biblical understanding taught from a Hebraic viewpoint.

Pastor Phillip Missick, his son Pastor Stephen Missick bring the weakly programs. But Pastor Missick has always had the vision to invite local Messianic Pastors to the microphone, in order to broaden the Hebraic influence on the community at large. We have been blessed to have Malcolm Hedding of Israel , who heads the international Christian Embassy of Jerusalem, as guest speaker on the program.

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Other guests who have blessed us with their Hebraic understanding of Scripture have been: Ray and Patti Ehrenshafts Testimonies, Rabbi Daniel Schneider on YHWH's Appointed Times, Joseph Logue on Yahweh's Feast Days and Hebrew Customs, Greg Savit with Jews for Jesus; Juda Myer - Standing for the Unborn, Rev. Robert Lytle on Messianic/Christian Foundations, Rabbi Mort Petrashanksky on Occupy in Faith and Obedience, Alice Sumner on What is Chanukkah?, Stuart Migdon of Jesus Take the Wheel Ministries, Bro. Ron Mkowen on Messianic Prison Ministry; Evangelist Regina Brown - Stirring Hearts for Yeshua, Lloyd Conley and Quincy A. Pricket with Shofar Ministries.


We are ver thankful to KKHT 100.7 FM; to Ms. Marlene Moore, Bro. and Sister Roy Peister, Ms. Sherry Johnston, Bro. Joseph and Joyce Logue, and a host of others who have made it possible for Trump of Zion to stay on the air.


If you would like to help us spread the Good News of Yeshua, please